The Good Samaritan

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The Good Samaritan

This is a summary of the good samaritanOne day a person was walking by but he did not know that there was robbers near, about 5 minutes later he got beaten up by robbers then left him half dead on the road. Then a priest walked by and lookedat him for a while then he walked on. Then another man walked by and left him once again another man walked by but he wrapped him in bandeges and put him on his donkey and led his donkey to an INN close by and the man explained to the INN keeper and told him to look after him the man paid for him and told the keeper" when I come back I will pay 2 as much".

Refuge CrisisThe refuge crisis all around the world I think the refuges would be tired because there travelling 500 miles just to get here then your sending them somewhere straight away I think this is wrong.

The good samaritan


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