The Good Bad and Ugly Web Design

by caitys15
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The Good Bad and Ugly Web Design

The Good, Bad, and Ugly!

For the content in both websites they both were set up the same way. The 4 things they both had on ther sites are: - Tabs On Top for products.- SlideShow on main screen displaying their sales and new products.- Share Buttons for social networks.-Background and Help Services on bottom. Website 2 had one thing that Website 1 did not which is a pop up to receive emails from them.



Website #2

Visual Design


Overall Expierience



Structure and Navigation

If I were to recommend one of the websites it would be Website 1. I would choose this one because it loads faster, doesn't have popup's and the only thing I wasn't okay with was the summer promotions.I wouldn't recommend Website 2 because it is slow and the popup on the homepage was irritating.

The only thing I found different on the functionality of the two websites is the opening speed. On Website 1 its opens in the speed 80/100. On Website 2 it opens 52/100. Both websites open in several browsers and all the information is up to date and the share buttons work.

After visiting Website #1 I really enjoyed the website I didn't have any problems finding things or navigating the website. After vcisiting website #2 the only thing that bugged me on this site was the popup on the home page that is there everytime you navigate to the home page.

Out of the two websites the second one has more interactivity then the first oneThe first website has only a slideshow on the home page which is focused on summer clothing. The second website has a flipbook of different styles, a slideshow on home page, and several clothing styles previewed for individuals all sizes.

The Visual Design of the websites were very similar but had in my opinion one big difference. The similarities of the website included: Images matched description Small description text Background and colors compliment each other. Advertisements are logical. Links can be seen. The difference is that on Website # 2 has a pop-up that comes up everytime you are on the home screen.

Both Websites shared common ways to navigate the websites. I found they both had: -links that were easy to find.- Easy access to return to the home page.- The links are logical for what the product is.



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