The Gold Rush

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The Gold Rush

ToolsIn order to strike it rich on the goldfields, miners had to own a set of mining tools, fitted to where they were mining (shaft or alluvial). If a miner chose to work mining gold out of rivers (alluvial), they would need a shovel, pick, and pan or cradle. Shovels, picks and pans were often quite cheap, and cradles were quite expensive, yet they often made work quicker, and easier. If a miner chose to try their luck at finding gold underneath the ground (shaft), they would need a cradle, pick, windlash and bucket. Although all of these were a necessity, and quite expensive, they usually found a miner a good amount of gold for all their hard work.

The Gold Rush

ChineseThe publicity of the Australian gold rush found Australia with a boom of over 20 000 Chinese people entering Australia. These miners, however, were different to most European miners. Instead of opening their own shafts or having their own alluvial mining spot, they would use old mud or 'slag' to hopefully strike it rich-and it worked! Chinese miners were also the only miners to eat fresh veggies, as they would often buld large vegetable patches, seated neatly in their unusually organised camps.

Menu for Ballarat Goldfields Cafe-mutton (older sheep meat)-tea (no milk or sugar)-damper (cooked over campfire)-'sly grog' alchohol (sold by women)

WomenAlthough mining was a good for lads, women in the goldfields played a huge part in making the goldrush as we know it today. When their husbands came to Australia to strike it rich, wives often stayed at home and built their own small businesses. If this had not hapened, women may have still all been home-keepers today. Although some women DID choose to stay at home, others came to the goldfields to follow thier man. These women would often take care of the tents and care for the lads, as well as breaking strict rules, because they weren't part of the legal systems. Although it seems like women had it easy, Many of them who had black skin were treated like animals and suffered ALOT.

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