The Gold Rush

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The Gold Rush

The California Gold RushThe California Gold Rush started when James Marshell found gold at Sutter's Mill which is near a city called Coloma. Sam B. was a merchant that showed the gold dust he had to make the people want to buy the supplies he had for mining. 90,000 men quit their jobs so they can go look for gold.

Other Gold RushesThere many gold rushes. For example Alaska, Australia, Arizona and South Dakota are all gold rushes after the California Gold Rush. The Alaska Gold Rush confronted the miners with hardships like extreme cold and disease.

MiningPanning for gold, Coyote Mining, Hydraulic mining, using a Cradle, and using a Long Tom are all ways to mine.

Sutters Mill

Living in the Minning CampWhen you live in a minning camp you need food, bedding and a tent. Some examples of food are coffee, bacon, sugar, beans and flour. The cost of supplies were high, for example a barrel of flour was $800, one egg was $3, a pound of nails are $8 and a can of tomatoes are $2. The living conditions are that people got scurve, cholera and thousands died. For entertainment they danced, gambled and drank.

The Gold Rush

Dancing FactBecause no girls mined the boys tied a bandana around their arm meaning they are a girl to dance with during that night.

Fact About the Australian Gold RushEdward Hargraves a discovery site Ophir after a California mining camp.

By: Rachel VanDyke

Another picture of somebody panning for gold.

The First Gold RushThe first gold rush was in Georgia in 1828.


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