The Gold Rush

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The Gold Rush

Gold Fever

Gold Fever...It's contagious

During the Gold Rush there were the people who set up useul shops and made money that way. For example a man sold gold pans for $15 when he was buying them for $0.20. They were the people who struck it rich without gold.

In 1848 James Marshall was building a sawmill near the American River and stumbled upon something shiny . He had it tested and it was gold! They kept it a secret but the secret soon got out. That was when the gold rush started, people fled to California. They came from all over the world hoping to ''strike it rich.'' James Marshall is known as ''the man who found gold.''

Discovering Gold

The Gold Rush

The Rush

Did you know? The American river was the place were gold was disovered.


The American river was a place to be in 1848, 1849, 1850. Gold was discovered by James Marshall while he was buildig a sawmill for John Sutter. Everybody had ''Gold Fever.'' Some people went to the river and struck it rich, but others went home poor.

By the late 1850's gold was getting more and more scarce. Soon California was going back to silent CA. It still had gold it just was very hard to find, so the Gold Rush ended. However California was more popular because evrybody knew it as the "Golden State."

Wrapping up the Gold Rush


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