The Gold Rush

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The Gold Rush

They lived away from the Europeans for protection as they were often hurt by them.. The Chinese preffered to revisit the mines that European diggers had rushed through and often found gold they missed. The soil they reused was called ''slag''.

Life on the goldfieldsLife on the goldfields was hard. It was hard to stay healthy because there weren't many good doctors and there wasn't any fresh food. The food was expensive and went off quickly so unless they found gold most people couldn't afford to by food.

On the goldfields there were two main types of mining, alluvial and shaft mining. When shaft mining you needed a bucket, a windlass, a cradle and a pick axe.

On the goldfields there were about 20,0000 Chinese people in Victoria in 1855. The Chinese were discriminated against because of their strong work ethic and because they did things differently.

Chinese miners

Tools used in miningWhen mining on the goldfields there were many different tools you needed; which each served different purposes.The main tools used for mining were, a cradle, which was used to seperate dirt, clay and gravel from the gold; a pick axe, which was used to break the ground to find the hidden gold; a windlass, to lift heavy buckets of dirt up from the mines; a shovel, to load the rocks and dirt into the pan or cradle; a pan, used to find gold in streams and a bucket, which was used to carry dirt up from the mineshaft.

WomenThere were'nt many women on the goldfields. Most women stayed behind in the towns rather than joining there husbands in the diggings. Women who joined their husbands on the goldfields washed, cooked and kept the tent clean. Some set up stores like drycleaning, grocery stores and some also sold illegal drinks.. About 1/4 of all the people on the goldfields in the 1850's were women. But this was not always the case. In Ophir there weer only 6 women out of 1700 men.

The gold rush

When alluvial mining you needed a pan, or ypu could use a shovel, cradle and a bucket. These two types of mining were equally efficient but most people chose to shaft mine.



Pick axe


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