The Goddess Athena

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The Goddess Athena

Athena was born when Zeus was married to Metis. He found out Metis was pregnant. At first he was excited about being a father but when Rhea told Zeus if it was a boy he would eventually conquer Zeus. Zeus didnt know if the baby would be a boy or a girl so he tricked Metis into playing a game. They woud both take turns shape shifting into something different. When Metis turned into a fly Zeus quickly swallowed her. He thought if he had swallowed her anything inside would eventually die. Metis lived inside Zeus for a while. She had made a robe and helmet for the child. Then she made a hammer to pound a hole in Zeus' head. The pouding gave Zeus a headache so he asked his son Haphestus to split his head open. So he did and out came Athena fully grown with the robe and helmet her mother made her. But Zeus put his head back together before Metis could escape.

Athena helped a hero named Perceus kill Meduca. Meduca was a female montser with snakes for hair. After killing Meduca Perceus gave Athena Meducas head in honor for helping him. Athena loved weaving. one day she diguised herself as an old woman to look at a female weaver Arachnes tapistries. Athena was nice to Arachne but all arachne was to Athena was rude. Athena got mad so she changed back to goddess form and challenged Arachne to a competition to see who the better weaver was. Athena made a tapistry on the gods and goddesses and Arachne made one that made gods and goddesses look like fools. Athena was angry so she tapped Arachnes forehead and made her sorry for what she did. Arachne made an attempt to hang herself but Athena wouldnt let her. So as a punishment she changed Arachne into a spider and Arachne did her weaving in the form of a web.

Athena was the goddess of wisdom warfare and the useful arts like farming, spinning, weaving and playing music. Athena was the protector of cities as well. Her symbol was the owl. Athena invented the bridle, the ship, the plow, the pot, the chariot, the fulte, the trumpet, the yoke, the rake and many more. Athena was very useful to people. She showed them how to train animals and how to train horses. It is said many great gods and goddesses stayed at the top of Mount Olympus. Surley enough Athena was there. Athena only fought a war if there was a purpose. Athena was beloved throughout all of Greece.

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