The Goddess Aphrodite

by Prussell
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The Goddess Aphrodite

The goddess Aphrodite.

My discription about Aphrodite...Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty.She makes mortals and unmortals fall in love.She is married to Hephasus but her true love was Ares.She had a sun and named him Cupid,Cupid's dad was Hephasus.

Fun Facts 1:Aphrodite weekness is a bit stuck on her self but with a perfect face and body who can blame her. 2:Aphrodite had a sun named Cupid and she made people fall in love.3:Her hobby was flirting and making people fall in love.

Why is she famous for...Aphrodite is famous for making mortal and unmortal people fall in love.

How Aphrodite influenced our modern days...Aphrodite made people fall in love before and know people fall in love by them self's.

Resources I used...Book:The ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology. website:www.gogree.about.comOther:Myth card




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