The Glogs They Carried

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The Glogs They Carried

Actors' Challenge:Work in pairs to script and film an interview between a local news reporter and a young American soldier who has been called up to serve in Vietnam. How does he feel? What does he know? And what does he expect?

InterestingsFactsNumber of US combat deaths in Vietnam before a Washington antiwar rally drew more than 75,000 people: 14,000Number of US combat deaths in the Persian Gulf before the January 26th antiwar rally that drew 75,000 people: 0Estimated number of Vietnam draft resisters still living in Canada: 10,000

Geographers' Challenge:Create a topographical representation of Vietnam. Looking for an extra challenge? Show US or Vietminh troop movements during one year of the war. Scientists' Challenge:Consider ingthe terrain and climate of Vietnam, plan how you would survive a week in the jungle on your own. Consider the following: calory intake, hydration, rest, movement. What would you take?

Basic Historical Timeline:1954: Vietnam is split into North and South at the Geneva Conference.1955: The United States begins direct aid to South Vietnam.1959: The Communist party starts military operations in the South.1973: US forces withdraw from the capital of South Vietnam.1975: South Vietnam falls to the communists. The South Vietnamese army surrenders.

The Things They Carriedby Tim O'Brien

Protest songs were vital to changing public opinion. Watch a famous one here!

Historical Headlines

CHALLENGE:Create an art exhibition of war photographs, considering how their placement could create a narrative of the war revealing the different perspectives of civilians and soldiers, both American and Vietnamese.

Interested in more information? Here's a link to the Vietnamese War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City.

Click on the image of Tim O'Brien to watch an interview with him

Soldiers need to carry all of their supplies with them. Here is a link that describes what they had to bring.Mathematics Challenge:Collate the weight of an average soldier's pack in Vietnam. How much does everything weigh? How many textbooks, laptops, notebooks would YOU need to carry to equal that weight?Writing Challenge:What weight, both physical and emotional, do you carry every day? How can you present this to the class? (i.e. a poem, a short narrative, an artwork, a chart or diagram, an actual pack, etc.)

Song Challenge:Write your own protest song in which you express what you are protesting about, why you are protesting and what you think should be done. Pay close attention to the kind of language that you could use that would most effectively persuade your audience to join your cause.

Propaganda Posters


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