The Glass Menagerie

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The Glass Menagerie

CHARACTERSTom WingfieldAmanda WingfieldLaura WingfieldJim O'Connor

Summary"The Glass Menagerie" is a story set in St. Louis, Missouri in 1937. The story is narrated by Tom Wingfeild. In the beginning of the story Tom explains how his father abandoned the family sixteen years earlier. Tom struggles between being obligated to take care of his family and following his dreams of being a poet. Tom's mother Amanda argues with him and he tries to forget his by going out to the movies. Tom's sister Laura lives in her own world and has a collection of glass figurines that she adores. Amanda finds out that her daughter Laura quit business school. After this Amanda tries to find a husband for Laura and asks Tom to introduce her to someone. Tom invites a friend from work named Jim over for dinner. Laura actually remembers him as her high school crush and is nervous to see him again. After the dinner the lights go out, due to the fact that Tom did not pay the bill. Jim accidently breaks Laura's glass unicorn and she tells him that it is now just a regular horse. Jim and Laura kiss but after Jim tells her that he is engaged and leaves. Tom and Amanda get into another fight but Tom cannot take it anymore. He decides to leave St. Louis for good. Like his father he just leaves but he tells how he always feels guilty for leaving Laura behind.

Favorite part: When Laura's unicorn breaks and she tells Jim that it will just be a horse now.

Least Favorite Part:When Jim kissed Laura and then told that he was engaged and left.


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