The Giving Tree

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The Giving Tree

What is a Major Event?An important event that takes place within the story

"And she loved a boy very, very much -even more than she loved herself."-Shel SilversteinThe Giving Tree

What is a Charecter?A person or thing that plays a role in a book, play, or movieCharecters in this book:1. The boy, Sheldon2. The Giving Tree



1. The boy came back to the tree and asked the tree for money, so the tree gave him all its apples to sell for money

Major Events

What is a Setting?The place or surroundings where something is positioned or where something takes placeSetting in this book:In the forest, where The Giving Tree was planted

2. The boy came back to the tree again and asked for wood to build a house, so the tree let him cut off her branches for wood

3. The boy came back to the tree to ask for a boat, so the tree let him cut down her trunk to make a boat and sail away

4. The boy came back again and realized that the tree had given him everything it had, so he sat down on its stump to rest

Major Events in this book


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