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The Giver

The Giver by: Lois Lowery

In Jonas's community, they have very strict rules. You can only have 2 children, a boy and a girl, no fighting at all, you can not change jobs, and many more. Jonas grew up with these rules so he never second-guessed them. But starting his job for the first time, he learns what the world used to be.

Protagonist: The main character is Jonas. He is a curious boy. When he turned 12, he got his job as the new Reciver of Memory. But even before becoming the Reciver of Memory, Jonas could see things that other people couldn't.

Setting: The Giver takes place in the future. "The setting is an unknown future 'alomst December'. Lois Lowery Lowry uses the word December to symbolize short, dark days, cold weather, and end-ings a time when nature seems dead."

Conflict: During his tranings, Jonas learns what life used to be. There used to be feelings, there used to be fun, and there used to be seasons. The creators took all that away from the people so they could be safe. Jonas does not agree with what the creators did and rebels againist it.

Climax: In the community, you could get released at any age if you broke the rules multiple times, if you've come to age, or if you haven't grown enough as a new born child. But what only the creators know, is when someone gets released, they're getting killed. When Jonas sees his own father "release" a newborn child, his determination to change the city increases.

Genre: Science FictionPoint of Veiw: The Giver is told by Jonas's point through our the whole book.

Theme: In The Giver you learn the importance of memories. Memories helped Jonas realize that the commuinty's rules are not right. Without the memories, the community wouldn't have any feelings becuase they can't remember what feelings are.

Characterization as shown by one other character: Fiona is one of Jonas's best friends. They both enjoy eachother's company and Jonas, one night, had a dream of Fiona. Jonas didn't know how he felt toward Fiona but later in his training, The Giver told him. Jonas loved Fiona. Fiona also loved Jonas but the word love was not in her vocabulary. In the middle of the book, there is a scene where Jonas had Fiona skip her morning injections, which takes away their feelings. When they meet again, Fiona tryed to tell him how she felt but she didn't know how to describe it but she feels the same way as Jonas does.

Characterization as shown by one other character: I think The Giver is very fond about Jonas because The Giver finally has someone he can share his belifes with. Both Jonas and The Giver think that the laws of the community should be different but The Giver couldn't share that with anyone until Jonas came along.


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