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The Giver

The book starts out as Jonas feeling apprehensive of the upcoming ceremony of twelve. When the ceremony comes Jonas has been forgotten for his assignment. Jonas's family takes care of a baby named Gabriel due to his slow developement. After the anticipation Jonas has been chosen for the Reciever of Memory. Jonas starts his training with the "Giver". Jonas's first memory is the memory of snow , sled , and slopes. After a few more memories have been imported to Jonas he starts to feel alone and begins seeing color. Jonas tells the Giver that his dad will be releasing a set of twins one day and the Giver shows Jonas what release is . Jonas becomes upset and doesn't go home that night. Jonas and the Giver come up with a stragetic plan to leave the community. When the night comes Jonas finds out that Gabriel is to be released so he takes him with him. Then Jonas and Gabriel leave the community and after several days they find elsewhere.

The Giver

Lauryns opinion: My personal thoughts were that the book was amazing and it makes me want to read the others. I think Lois Lowery made this book like it could be reaslistc fiction but it's just dystopian fiction. Were Jonas lives were there is sameness to a tee there is nothing different everything is black and white .Where I think Lois Lowery wants us to look at our own society . Where in schools there teaching sameness to look at eveyone else and not judge because were all the same but I think Lois Lowery made a very good book and I cant wait till I can read the others . Victoria's opinion : My thoughts on the book were quite amazing. The way it could possibly be realistic but its just dystopian fiction. I am glad Lois Lowery made this book it gives me a new shade of color . where I thought everyone was all different . That is not always true no matter how people were in Jonas's community you were not aloud to point out eveyones differances. I think that our world is just like Jonas's community like at our schools where were are taught not to judge people or else you get in trouble were in joans's community you also got in trouble for pointing out someones differances . I think Lois Lowery had a great mind set when she wrote this book. when I think of this book I think of all the compaisons she thinks of like the world . I love the book called the giver and I will probobly read it agin but I also want to read her other books . To figure out her mind set to where I can farther my knowledge about the books she writes about . I would tell people to read this book when they get a chance because it is an amazing story .


The main characters are Jonas and the Giver.Some of the minor characters are Jonas's parents, Lily , Fiona , Asher , Rosemary, and Gabe.The protangonist is Jonas.The antagonist is the community.



The setting is Jonas's community . The subsetting is sometime in the future.The last setting is throughout 1 year.


AUTHORLois Lowery

Presnted by;*Victoria Kissiar* *Lauryn McCabe*



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