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The Giver

The Giver

The time is in the future. The place is in The Community. The Community is an organized town. Everyone is the same, there is no color, pain, memories of the past or feelings. The story starts in December, when Jonas is 11. A full year passes throughout the book. When Jonas receives his assignment, the story mainly takes place in the Annex.

Lois Lowry

Jonas: Jonas is a boy. He has blue eyes, and he is 11 turning into12. He wears the same clothing as every other boy. When he turns 12, he is selected as receiver of memory. Jonas is friends with Asher and he has a crush on Fiona.He and his friends usually go help out in the House of Old. We don't know who his real mother is, but he lives withhis family unit; he lives with Lily, his sister, Mother, and Father. Gabe comes in later on in the book and helives with Jonas' famliy as well. Jonas ispolite because when he was waiting forAsher to get his pills , he didn't ask why Asher took it, he thought it would be rude to ask. He is also caring because when the giver said that he was weighted with thememories, Jonas feels concerned for him.Another trait that describes him is respectful, like when he was giving thegiver respect. I would also say that he is courageous because he wouldn't be able to come back to The Community once he escaped.

Jonas lives in a perfect world. He gets assigned receiver of memory when he turns 12. When he starts his training, he finds out that the community isn't so perfect after all. He finds out about good things like love and colour, but he also finds out about bad things like warfare and what they actually do in release. There was a receiver before him. Her name was Rosemary. Ten years ago, the Giver gave her painful memories and she was saddened by them. She asked for release and she was never seen again. Now, Jonas and the Giver are planning to get Jonas to leave the community and if Jonas succeeds without getting caught, then the memories that Jonas have would come back to The Community

The Giver: The Giver wasactually the receiver ofmemory before Jonas andthe other successor 10 years ago. The Giver looks very old, but the Giver is actually not that old, he says that his job has aged him. He has blue eyes like Jonas. His clothes looks like all the other Elders' clothes. He has wrinkles and he seems tired. The Giver is wise because he didn't start with painful memories since the last time, he failed training his last successor. He is often cheerful because he is usally glad to see Jonas when he arrives. Another trait to describe him is that he is thoughtful. When Jonas had not wanted to leave the Annex, the giver told Jonas his plan to give memories of courage to the community. The giver had been making this plan for a long time. He started making this plan when Jonas asked him what will happen if he fell in the river like Caleb.


Gabe : Gabe is a baby boy. He is introduced later on in the story. He has the same blue eyes as Jonas and the Giver. We only know that Claire is his birthmother. He doesn't have a real father. Gabe is not growing as fast as the other babies that were born. So, he wasn't given to a family yet, instead, he is given one more year for growing. Gabe can also receive memories. A trait that would descibe him would be playful because he always plays with his comfort item and he says his name happily and playfully.

Jonas' first time seeing something change color. The color is red.

Theme : freedomIs it worth giving up love and friendship to be safe? Only Jonas and the giver think about this because they are the only ones who experienced this.


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