The Giver

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The Giver

A utopian city, which is likely to be part of a bigger utopian society. It's futuristic and the actual name of the city is not specified.


Author: Lois Lowry

The Giver

"But he knew he couldn't go back to the world of no feelings he had lived so long" (131).

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Protagonist: Jonas- curious, intelligent, he is one of the only twelves capable of being the reciever and he can see color and things others can't see.Antagonist: the society that has restrictions on emotions, choice, and individuality.

Pro. and Ant.



Lois Lowry

Jonas vs. Society-- Jonas defies society when he realized how the limitations are and how necessary some feelings and senses are.

Both good and bad memories are important-- Jonas lives in a society where feelings like love and pain are limited. He eventually experiences them and sees the flaws in the 'utopian' society.

Lois Lowry was born in Honolulu, but has lived in various places. She has always loved literature since she was a child. She went to Brown University, but dropped out in order to marry and start a family. She now lives in Cambridge, Massuchesetts.

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Targeted Audience: ages 12+

Genre: Science Fiction

The Giver was beautifully written but there were some areas that could leave the reader bored. Overall, great book.



  • Danvex 5 years ago

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    Your project is not too crowded which is good I also liked how you were very thorough with your description of the book. However I feel that you didn't include enough pictures. I liked how you included a video and your information was very organized, I also liked the quote you included. However I do feel that you should have changed the background, but great job overall!

  • MegPuett 5 years ago

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    I liked how you explained the book well, and gave plenty of information. The video was a little confusing, but I was glad that you included it. I agree with Danny that you needed some more pictures, and the background did not match. I think that the quote was a perfect one to choose, and you did a great job.

  • RubyJean 5 years ago

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    Sophia, I really liked how you explained this book. I read this same book a few years ago and I had no idea what any of it meant. I was so confused throughout the whole story and this book report makes the book make so much sense. I loved how you explained the protagonist and antagonist with so much detail.I like this placement of your information because it makes my eyes go towards the center where the video is which explain most of this book. I could see how some people might be confused with the video if they haven’t read the book because the book isn’t very easy to get even if you have read it. Overall I thought it was great and I think the lack of pictures isn't that big of a deal considering the book doesn’t have very much information on setting or appearances. I completely agree with your rating and I just really enjoyed your book project!