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The GIver

This symbol represents the Giver special ability to see and think beyond what is presented before him. He is wiser than the other citizens of the community, and he understands feelings and memories of the past world.

"It gives us wisdom."

The Giver

by Brian Huetteman



The Giver is an old man who holds the memories of the world for his community. The memories provide experiences for him to gain wisdom from and help him to advise the elders. He must also carry the burden of the painful memories, and it causes him depression. He has scraggly hair and a gray beard.

Significant Quote

Event 1

While playing catch with an apple, Jonas notices something about it change. He was unable to explain what exactly the change had been. This "change" he tells about turned out to be one of the main reasons he was chosen as a Reciever. His ability to see color allowed him to comprehend what the Giver taught him about the community.

Event 2

Event 3

The Giver shows Jonas the video of his father performing release on one of the baby twins. This is the first moment that Jonas discovers what release truly is. After this event, Jonas is filled with fury and confusion. He gained a hatred for the community which led him to agree to run away.

Jonas' father explains to the whole family that they have decided to release Gabriel. This significant scene leads Jonas to take Gabriel with him when he runs away. Gabriel accompanies Jonas along the whole journey.

Theme: Feelings and Emotions

form relationships and spread ideas. I think Lois Lowry is trying to show the readers how important feelings are for a flourishing society. A quote from page 129 is when Jonas whispers to Gabriel, "There could be love." The quote shows Jonas' desperate need for the people around him to understand true feelings.

Feelings and emotions play the role of allowing us to formulate our own opinions.It is important to experience and express emotions to

The website that I found that expresses my theme explains how feelings influence choices. It talks about the diferent emotions we feel and what choices they cause us to make.


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