the giver

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the giver

What is a trilogy?How do you know the difference between a companion book and a sequel?Why might an author want to continue a story?

What is this?

Is Utopia possible?

AK Strand: Ethics*How do our own beliefs and values impact the way we behave in society?*What is conscience?*How do we know what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'?

I never thought of "The Giver" as science fiction.

Area of Interaction: Human IngenuityWhen authors explore utopian worlds we examine our own beliefs and values and look more closely at how we live in our own society.

Who is Lois Lowry?

How would we recognize Utopia?Would we agree when we found it?

More books by Lois Lowry

What do you think The Giver will be about?


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