The Giver Quartet

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The Giver Quartet

The Giver

Gathering Blue



The main character in this story,Jonas,grows up inA society where colors and emotions don't exsist.Spouses are assigned, people called Birthmothersgive babies, and no one over questions it.

The Giver presents him with memories of a world like ours. With these memories, Jonas begins to see color and feel emotions.

Jonas gets chosen as Recieverof Memory. On his first day,He meets a man called The Giver.

When Jonas's family starts to take care of a baby, Jonas begins to care for him tremendously. When he learns that Gabe is going to be released, no, killed, He tries to put a stop to it.

The Giver presents an idea to Jonas. He will run away to Elsewhere and take Gabe with. As Jonas runs, the memories shed. As they shed, the community is forced to experience them. The end is a bit of a cliff-hanger. Jonas is running away with Gabe, He rests and falls asleep. As he falls asleep, he hears music in the distance.

This story is all about love.I really enjoyed this book, and hopeyou do too.

In the begging of the story, a girl named Kira's mother dies. One of Kira's legs is twisted, presenting a problem. She is taken to court to decide whether or not to leave her to die. Kira wins, on the condition that she embroideres a person called The Singer's robe. She does, but can't find any blue thread. Her instructor tells her that blue is yonder. For a girt, Kira's friend Matt goes on a journey to find some blue. He returns with a blue shirt. But, that blue shirt is on the body of a blind man. Kira finds out that the blind man is actually her long-lost father.

Kira's story is heartwarming and fun. It is about finding your place and love. I think this is one of the best books in the series. I will read it again many times.

One thing that I loved about Gathering Blue is that until the very end, Kira is unsure if she belongs in the village. But eventually, she realizes that she is just unique and that she was going to be happy anyway. I think that this is just like real life. A lot of the time, people spend years trying to find their place. When they do, they're miraculously happy. This story is amazing and beautiful. I hope you think so too.

This is the first story in the series that connects. The main thing that does is the characters.

The main character in this story is Matty, formerly known as Matt. He lives with Kira's father, or Seer. He has a friend, Leader. Leader gives everyone in Village their "true names". One day, Matty decides to sneak a look at Trade Mart. This is a place where adults trade. As he watches, he realizes that something changes with people after they make trades. The next day, he goes to his friend Jean, for her father traded the night before. When he approaches, Jean is crying. She says that her father has traded his deepest self for a widow's love. Matty goes and asks leader about this.

Leader seems very troubled. He tell Matty about where he grew up, a place with no color. He had a sister their. There were no animals. Leader feels very sad. News comes. The borders to Village will be closing in a few weeks.

That night, when Matty is talking to Seer, Seer is struck by a thought. His daughter, Kira hasn't visited in a few years. The borders of Village are closing soon. If Matty doesn't get her, father and daughter will never be able to see eachother again. Matty sets off through Forest to find his friend. He finally gets to Kira, and she agrees to leave immedieatly. But Matty has an offer. He cuts himself, and then heals himself with only water. He can fix Kira's twisted leg! But she says that her leg is a part of her, and will not permit him to heal it. Matty and Kira go back. But on the way, Forest attacks Matty! Kira alerts Leader through her gift, and he comes immediatly. But by the time he gets there, Matty has been Strangled to death. His true name was Healer. Far away, the sound of keening begins.

Claire is a birthmother. When she gives birth, fellow Birthmothers cover her face. even though she can't see the baby, she loves him. Claire finds out that her baby is the thrity-sixth baby that year. So, they call him Thirty-Six. Every day, she visits her son. When word gets around that a boy named Jonas and the baby have run away, Claire is determined to find them. She boards a ship and comes to a village. There, she makes many friends.

One of her friends, Einar, trains her for a climb to find Gabe, her son. But she also begins to love him. Claire is afraid to admit this, so she doesn't. Einar warns her of a man at the top of the climb. He will offer her a trade. She must accept. If Claire doesn't, he will take what he wants anyway. Einar knows. The man took his feet. Afer many days and nights of training, Claire is ready. She climbs the cliff, and finds the man. She makes offers something that many girls would die before doing: her hair! She comes to another village. There, she finds a man named Jonas. He tells her that Gabe is here and safe. He is an energetic young boy. But they wait to tell him that Claire is his mother. When Claire tells Jonas of the man, he tells her that he is the force of evil and used to terrorize the town. When they do tell Gabe, they explain that he must destroy the man, Trademaster. But meanwhile, his mother is getting old. She is dying of, I think, love. Gabe faces Trademaster. He destroys him with beautiful and good thoughts. When he comes back Claire is waiting.

This story is about family and what it means to really love. All of the characters are strong and brave. I don't think I could survive if I was Claire. She is a fearless mother. I think she is one of the best characters ever. I hope to be like her someday.



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