The Giver Project

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The Giver Project

Directions!!!!!!!!!!!Click on each of the objects to see the directions and/or an example of the required elements of your glog! Use at least two of these topics in your glog. Be creative.

Write one two voice poem comparing and contrasting Jonas's society and our society.

Create a four-panel comic depicting an important or pivotal scene from the book. You will email it to

Create a wordle using at least 15 important words from the story.

Choose three quotes from the story and discuss the importance of each.

Using this website, choose 10 inventions that would be the most destructive to the beliefs in Jonas's society. Explain your reasoning for each.

Create a timeline documenting how various people have had to demonstrate courage through the ages.

Create a media collage that focuses on one of the following central themes from The Giver:CommunicationInterdependenceWants and needsCourageEqualityRelationship between conflict and power

I can do anything you can do better...No you can't ...YES! I can...

Utopian Society???


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