the giver part 1 of summative assessment

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the giver part 1 of summative assessment

Now that Jonas and Gabe have escaped from the community they will need a new place to call home. You are to 'create' a community in which they would like to live. Create a glog to describe your community highlighting the ideas listed here.

Create a new world for Jonas

Remember to give your community a name!

When you describe your community consider: * Where is the community located? (climate, natural resources, agriculture) * How is the community designed? (layout, types of buildings) * Education, health care and religion? * Transport and communication system?

Your glog must include the following:* description of the community* major rules or laws * a typical day for someone Jonas's age* a video of your 'one-minute community commercial'* a link to your persuasive essay (watch the video at the bottom of the glog to learn how to do this)

When you list the major rules or laws, explain why they were created and why this might appeal to Jonas. Rememer to consider the ethical implications of these rules and their enforcement.

your audience!

Use persuasive techniques!

Directions for your commercial

use lables, graphics, text, sound and video to sell your community

Remember this is a glog...

Summative assessment rubric


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