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The Giver  movie trailer

The GiverFiona,Jonas,Lilly,Mother,Father,Gabe,The Giver,and Asher

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They live in a community where everything is perfect. A community sinking head-deep in lies. Noo lieing, no stealing, and no feelings? Yes,here at the community feelings are not allowed. Feelings don't really even exist. Beware you don't do anything against the rules, even if it's on accident because you may be relesed. What is release? What happens to the people you never see again? Then, you are a symbol of shame, and no one knows where you go. You are not allowed to feel certain feelings and you may not be allowed to say certain things. Is there any freedom at all here? Isn't anyone gonna try to change this?

Jonas watches as his father weighs the twins, then gently injects something into a vein in the smaller one’s head. The newchild twitches and lies still, and Jonas realizes that it is dead.



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