The Giver English 1

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The Giver English 1

The Giver: Final Project

This project will be due on Tuesday, December 14th--NO EXCEPTIONS. All portions of the folder must be completed. Do not wait until the last week or two to begin working on the folder; work AS YOU READ. If you know you will be absent on the day the folder is due, please make arrangements to have it brought to class.

What You Need in Your Folder: 1. Cover Sheet 2. Dialectical Journal (2 entries per chapter) 3. At least 10 vocab words (with page #, sentence from the book, and definition) 4. ALL handouts from class 5. ALL comprehension questions 6. Essay (TBA)

Trailer for the book

The author, Lois Lowry, shares her thoughts about the book and about Jonas, the main character

F.Y.I. :


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