The Girl With the White Flag

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The Girl With the White Flag

The Girl With the White Flagby Tomiko Higa

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Title: The Girl With the White FlagAuthor: Tomiko HigaSetting: The battle of Okinawa 1945Point of View: 1st person

My Personal Review I think The Girl With the White Flag is a good book. It is about how a seven year old girl survives the battle of Okinawa all alone while watching her older brother die in her arms and loosing her two sisters.

SimilaritiesThis book is similar to "The Book Thief" because Tomiko "Liesel" both are fighting to survive a war. While both are very young, they both loose their family. Tomiko's brother dies and her mother and father. As well as leisel.

ThemeThe theme was "Always have hope no matter what you're going through. This is the theme because there are a few parts in the book when Tomiko was going to give up and die, but she kept hope and kept living in honor of her family


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