The Girl who saved America

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The Girl who saved America

The Life Of Shirley Temple

The Girl Who Saved America

April 23, 1928 a star was born. She became the savior of the Great Depression. Her name was Shirley Temple. She was the little girl that did it all. She lived through the depression with her golden smile, her hair made up of curls, and her huge dimples. Her audience even gave her credit with awards.Shirley Temple thought that every child went to work. She said that she was born into work. Her parents let her believe this throughout her life. Her parents wanted to use their own daughter as a golden ticket or a way out of the depression. Scene #1 Shirley Temple was a very well-known person in the U.S. In other words, she was one of the most iconic people in the U. S. She was even more famous than President Roosevelt in the depression. Kids had posters of Shirley in their bedrooms. She grinned her way into people’s hearts. You might think that Shirley, a little girl, might have a child audience. This is wrong. Actually, while she did have a wide child audience, the majority of her audience was made up of adults. Shirley was known for her 56 curls and her adorable dimples. The families were either glued to their seats in the movie theater waiting for the premier of “Baby Burlesques” or circled around their televisions waiting for the movie to air. She was in 37 movies all together. Her audience adored her, her songs, outfits, dimples, and hair. You might say that her hair was as curly as a pig’s tail. She also was known for her drink, but she was way more important to the U.S. than a drink.Scene #2 Shirley Temple had a variety of careers spread throughout her lifetime. She has been a talk show host, politician, mother, and she was best known as an actress in the Great Depression. At first she was an actress; after that career ended she became a talk show host. Lastly she was an ambassador to Ghana. She started her acting career at just age 3. Her mother put her into different lessons to teach her to be a star. Shirley twirled around from her dancing lessons straight to the stage. This all happened to a 3 year old. She wore her gorgeous dresses, curly hair, and her huge dimples that everyone loved. Think about that stage with everyone staring at you and the blinding beacons of brightness put down on you so that everyone can see you. After that, she probably was as blind as a bat. Shirley’s lessons paid off with so many movies of her dancing and singing happily through the Great Depression. Shirley was America’s top box-office draw in Hollywood’s golden age. She beat many amazing actors to earn the title. She beat actors such as Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Robert Taylor, Gary Cooper, and Joan Crawford.In a couple of her movies, “The Little Colonel” and “The Littlest Rebel”, she befriended somebody. This somebody was Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. They co-starred in both movies. “The Little Colonel” became a landmark in the history of film dance. This was because interracial teaming, or whites and colored people teaming up on air, was never heard-of. The movie changed the movie industry. The movie helped integration.Shirley used her skills from acting for many thing. One thing that she remembered was when she got pulled over by a cop for speeding in Malibu. She used her handy crying on cue skills to get out of getting in trouble. Turns out that it worked and the cops ended up escorting her home. She took the easy way out. Shirley was a mother of three. She had two girls and a boy. Susan, the oldest was the daughter of Shirley’s ex-husband. Her other two kids, Lori and Charles, were children of Shirley’s second husband who she stayed with ‘til his death in 2005. Scene #3 Shirley Temple was a huge help to the depression. “As long as our country has Shirley Temple we will be all right,” F.D.R. once said. Shirley even won a special Academy Award for great contribution to screen entertainment. She was up there on the stage once again with the blinding light in her eyes and the audience again watching her. She must have felt that feeling once again up in front of everybody feeling like a star. Also, she was wearing that dazzling jacket and her hair without the curls that she once had. This award that she won must have boosted the spirits of all her glorious fans. Shirley caught the imagination of the country when she was on film. Shirley helped the Hollywood industry in the Great Depression. They were, like the rest of the country, having money problems. So, she was, to most people, a tribute to the economic and inspirational power of movies. She helped the industry with money problems by making movies that appealed to the audience. In her movies, she was always smiling which was very helpful in one of the darkest times in history. In the end, Shirley was an amazing actress that made a difference in the Great Depression. She had ups and downs like everybody. She also had many great accomplishments. Shirley Temple was and always will be a significant person linked to the Great Depression.

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Shirley Temple was in many movies as you know. This picture she is on set starring in "Poor Little Rich Girl". This film was made in 1936. Most of her characters were speaking her mind and being blunt. However, she makes it look so cute.

Shirley won many awards throughout her acting career. This image shows her winning the Screen Actors Guild Awards life achievement award. Everybody loved her. They gave her credit for many things through the awards she was handed.

This is Shirley dancing with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. They were one of the first pair to dance on air when they are of different race. However, they got away with it. The dancing buddies actually starred in 2 movies together.

This little girl with her unforgettable face was one of the most iconic people in America. Her face saved Hollywood in the Great Depression. She won multiple awards for her achievements in acting and in helping the industry from bankruptcy in one of the darkest times. While evrybody was sad and upset over money issues she was smiling, dancing, and singing all the way through.

Shirley had a medium-sized family. She had two girls and a boy. She also had 2 husbands. She divorced one after having a girl, Susan. After that, she married another man who she stayed with until his death. They had 2 more kids, Lori and Charles. Shirley once said that her favorite job was to be a mother.


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