The Girl- Joseph K. English 9 honors

by Joeygotit15
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Language Arts

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The Girl- Joseph K. English 9 honors

The Girl

My love for you is an incomparable thingTalking to you just puts my mind at peaceWith a smile as beautofil as cherry blossoms the springIts no wonder why my love wants to increase.

My heart is longing for this goal like QuincyThinking alone on this planet like superman Not as skilled as Da VinciHesitation sent me back to where I began.

Just wondering if I asked her would she say yes My mind so confuse got me thinking of youShe accepting would realease me of my stressHaven;t admitted it to anyone but i've fallen for you.

Nothing else is needed cause you'll be my trophyThe one I have a crush on I'm keeping you closelyThe way I feel about you I really can't explainI just know if I lost you all I'll feel is pain.

Means love in Japanese



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