The Gifted Journey

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Social Studies

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The Gifted Journey

Barbara Fields

Guidance and Counseling

Your Spirtually Gifted Child•Is your child highly sensitive or gifted?•Is he imaginative, creative or a “right brain” thinker?•Does your child get the “vibe” of people and situations, even total strangers?•Is she affected by crowds, or noisy places?•Does she sometimes say she’s been to a place before, even though you know she hasn’t?•Does he have an imaginary playmate, or say he hears voices?•Does she have a deep knowledge of her ancestors, and you’re not sure how?•Does your child say he sees ghosts?•Does she experience noises, flashes of light or other unexplainable occurrences?•Is your child deeply attracted to animals, or has a “way” with them?•Does she feel an urge to put her hands on things to help or heal them?•Can your child see auras?•Does your child have especially vivid dreams?•Does your child understand the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other Holy Ones, and you aren’t sure where she got the information?

MythsGifted Students Don’t Need Help; They’ll Do Fine On Their Own.Teachers Challenge All The Students, So Gifted Kids Will Be Fine In The Regular Classroom.Gifted Students Make Everyone Else In The Class Smarter By Providing A Role Model Or A Challenge. All Children Are Gifted. Acceleration Placement Options Are Socially Harmful For Gifted Students. That Student Can't Be Gifted, He Is Receiving Poor Grades.

Risk FactorsProblems Arise from One of Four Sources◦Asynchrony◦Difficulty Finding Peers◦Lack of Challenge◦Personal Characteristics

The Gifted Journey!


Personal Experiences

I have learned more about the many facets of gifted. I was aware and thought I was doing a very good job with academic gifted but realized through this class there is so much more. From the risk factors to the spiritually gifted, I have opened my eyes to many more characteristics of gifted that I need to be more aware of.

My experiences working with the gifted and their families have all been positive. I try my best to look at the situation from the parents persepective. Parents send us their best children! They are their pride and joy. They only want what is best for their child. I think of my gifted children as ones that need challenged just as much as my special needs children need support. I make sure that I have a plan for my gifted and share that with them and their parents. It is a working doccument between all three parties.

No Child Left Behind, leaves behind the gifted!


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