The Gift of the Nile

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The Gift of the Nile




Eygypt is one of the many countries within the continent of Africa. The Ancient Egyptians lived and famed along the Nile, using lush, fertile soil to produce food for themselves and their animals.

Barley and wheat crops grew very well in the rich soil that the Nile flooding provided them with. This provided the ingredients for bread which was one of the main foods eaten. Barley was used to make beer which was drank by the rich and poor.Ancient Egyptians were also fortunate to be able to catch fish when the Nile flooded as well as birds that flew close to the river, that were seeking their own food from the river. Lettuce, beans, onions and turnips were all vegetables grown and eaten by ancient Egyptians. Plums, melons and dates were eaten for dessert.The main highway for transporting goods by boat was the Nile. The Egyptians developed many types of boats. Some were specialized for fishing and traveling (made from the papyrus plant), while others were designed for carrying cargo or going to war. Wheeled chariots and animals, such as donkeys and mules, were another form of transportation, carrying people and cargo.When the Nile River floods our modern day dams would stop the flooding from going everywhere but in ancient Egyptian times the water would flow onto the fields with thick black mud. This mud was ideal for growing crops on because it contained rich nutrients for trees, plants and crops to grow. The water collected in canals and basins during flood supply nourishment for the crops for the next year.

By Dominic Schiliro

The Gift of the Nile

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