The Gift Of The Magi

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The Gift Of The Magi

The Gift Of The Magi

The main characters in the story are Della and Jim, a young couple who have very few possessions, but a lot of love and generosity. Della is depicted as being very beautiful, with long luscious hair. Jim is depicted as being very kind and hardworking.The beginning of the story takes place at Della and Jim’s house. It is described as “A furnished flat at $8 per week”, suggesting that the home is quite simple and reflective of Della and Jim’s financial state. The story continues at a hairdressing shop and in various stores, where Della searches for a gift, before returning to the flat.


Character and setting

What happened first

The story begins with Della alone and crying, lamenting her lack of money and inability to buy her husband a gift. The tone is quite somber, but gentle, with the sympathetic narrator remarking that “life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating.” The narrator goes on to describe the couple’s poverty in comparison with their love for one another.

Then what happened...

How did the story end?

Della sells the only thing she takes pride in - her long, lovely hair - in return for enough money to buy Jim a watch chain to match his fine silver watch. When Jim arrives home, he sees her new haircut and is shocked. Della thinks Jim is angry, but he gives her a massive hug.

Jim explains that he sold his watch to buy Della some new hair combs, which she can no longer use because she sold her hair to buy him a new watch chain. Even though both of their gifts are now useless, they are symbolic of how Della and Jim view one another’s happiness as more valuable than any material possession, and the author concludes that this is the greatest gift of all.


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