The Giant Squid

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The Giant Squid

The Giant Squid

Where can you find it?


Physical features



The only known predators to adult giant squid are sperm whales, although pilot whales may also feed on them. Juvenile giant squid are eaten by deep-sea sharks and other fish.

Giant squid mostly eat deep-sea fish, shrimp, sharks and other squid.

Giant squid are referred to as monsters in old stories told by sailors because of their size. A giant squid weighs about 2,000 pounds, is 40 feet long, has eight arms covered in barbed suction cups, a beak to eat with, two eyes the size of dinner plates and two feeding tentacles.

The giant squid has a deep-sea habitat. The last one to be captured on film was found about 2,000 feet down into the ocean.

Giant squid usually wash up on the shores of New Zealand and Pacific islands, both sides of the North Atlantic ocean and along the coast of South Africa. Scientists are observing sperm whales to try to find/study giant squid because these whales are so skilled at locating them. But based on where the squid wash up, it seems they prefer continental and island slopes.


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