The Giant Panda

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The Giant Panda

Picture by Wikipedia.

Picture by Wikipedia.

Picture by Wikimedia.

The Life of the GIant Panda

Picture by Flicker.

Giant Pandas can be found about 4.5 feet long to 5 feet long.

Some things about this animal is that it eats 80 pounds of food each day! Only 1,000 live today 100 of them live in ZOOS.

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These animlas have black and white fur.With round ears and giant hands.

Pandas are sometimes called the bamboo eater for how much bamboo they eat everyday.

All Pandas Live in the mountain forests that is in the land of China.

What do they look like?

Work Citations

Where do they live?

What is thier size?

What is unique about this organism?

What interseting facts do they have?

Kingdom:AmimaliaPhylum:Chordata Class:MammaliaOrder:CarnivoriaFamily:UrsidaeGenus:AiluropodoSpecies:Melanoleuca

Picture by Flicker.

Picture by Wikipedia.


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