The Ghettos

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Ghettos

The World War II

The Ghettos

The ExcuseThe Jews in the Ghettos of Polands larger cities were later going to be tortured and killed in concentration camps. The Nazi's as a cover up said that it was perfectly reasonable to keep them away because they had alot of diseases (such as typhus) and did not want to get the other polish people sick.

Jews SecludedAfter Hitler came into power, he deicded (before all the concentration camps) all the Jews should be kept in one secluded place, It was called the Ghettos.

The StruggleThere was many disease, all the rooms were crowded with people. A lot of people starved to death because of basically food. Some people would secretly practice their religion and celebrate the Jewish holiday

How it was The jews were not allowed to leave The ghettos, if you did it was punishable by death. The Ghettos were absolutely unsanitary. The smallest ghetto was 3,000 people (which is actually ridiculusly a lot), the two biggest ones were 160,000 and 400,000






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