The Ghettos

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Ghettos

The Ghettos (1939-1941)

During World War II, million of Jews in a thriving part of Poland were sent int the Ghettos. They were forced to endure an inhumaine and harsh enviornment.

Time Line

JANUARY 16, 1942

FEBRUARY 8, 1940

OCTOBER 12, 1940

JULY 22, 1943

JUNE 23, 1944

On this day, more than 160,000 jews in Poland were forced in to a small city which would soon be known as the ghettos. The living condions were exttremly horrid. The Jews were enclosed by a tall barb-wired fence that pushed the Jews in a over-crowded space

After the Nazis began to deport people of the ghettos to the chlemno killing center. They sent most like the sick, elderly and chidren to the center. Over 70,000 Jews and 5,000 Gypsies.

Soon after a second Ghetto was formed. More than 350,000 Jews were forced into the Warsaw Ghettos. Like the Ghettos in Lodz many had to withstand horrible living conditons.

The Germans were forced to close down all death camps.

The Killing Center

In The Begining


Closing Down

The Next City

On this day the Warsaw Ghettos began to be deported into the Treblinka Killing c


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