The Geography of China

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The Geography of China

The Geography of China Notes1. Where is China located?2. List the 2 important factors limiting China's contact with outsiders.3. What are the 4 natural barriers in China?4. The ________ forms part of China's natural border to the west.5. What is a plateau?6. The ________ contain some of the tallest mountains in the world and help form part of China's natural border.7. The __________ is a vast area stretching from Mongolia into China.8. What forms China's natural barrier to the East? 9. How did geography influence China's development? Help? Hurt?10. List the 2 major rivers discussed in the video.11. List one benefit and one drawback from the major rivers flooding.12. What is the nickname of the Haung He River (Yellow River)? 13. Why does the Haung He River (Yellow River) have that nickname?14. Why do people continue to live by the river?15. _________ is the fertile yellow soil that blows off the plains into the rivers and is deposited on land during a flood.



1) Watch the video "Geography of China." 2) Take notes during the video by completing the 15 questions/statements listed below. 3) Label the 5 major landforms on your map (use the blue arrows for assistance), and check your answers.

Landform ListHaung He / Yellow RiverYangtze RiverHimalaya MountainsPlateau of TibetGobi Desert

*Check your landform labels here.

The Geography of China

Glog Created by:Maranda WilkinsonResources: 1. Quizlet2. "Geography of China" by Mr.Zoller3. The World Reference Maps ' Forms by Evan-Moor Publishing

Resources1) Geography of China. MrZoller. YouTube. 2012. 2015. 2) The World Reference Maps and Forms. Asia: Physical Mpa. Evan-Moor Educational Publishers. 2004. 81. 3)


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