The Geniuses behind the Enlightenment

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The Geniuses behind the Enlightenment

The geniuses behind the Enlightenment

Another Enlightenment thinker is Montesquieu who put forth the idea of separation of powers to have a balanced possession of power.

Then, John Locke comes and says that Hobbes’ ideas were wrong, instead humans are born into the world with natural rights; Life, Freedom and, Property. He mentions that the role of the government is to protect these rights.

One of the gentlemen that lead this movement is Thomas Hobbes, he said that people are evil and selfish, he explained that as people commit mistakes and are imperfect they NEED a King in order to tell them what to do and guide them.

The Enlightenment consists in one of the main ideological revolutions that powered the French Revolution where the ideas of the absolutist monarchy were challenged.

The last genius behind the Enlightenment believed in the religious freedom through the separation of the church and the state, to have more tolerance among people.

Rousseau in the other hand (another Enlightenment thinker)said that there should be a contract between the government and the people. If the government didn’t fulfill its obligation, the people had the right to make another government by themselves.

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