[2016] Celia Schnorr: The Gender Wage Gap

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[2016] Celia Schnorr: The Gender Wage Gap

The Gender Wage Gap

What is it? The gender wage gap is described as "the difference between male and female earnings expressed as a percentage of male earnings." While many believe that the gender wage gap is a real problem, others believe that it is choices that determine how much one is paid. Currently in the U.S., the gap is 23%, and on average, women are paid 77 cents for every dollar earned by a male. causes for the gap . discrimination in hiring, traditions/stereotypes, undervaluing of women's work, segregation in labour market. .women are frequently employed as low/unskilled workers; shop assistants, secretaries.causes against the gap.difference in education choice; health sector made up 80% women, construction industry mostly men

Effects of the Gap Because women often live longer than men, they spend more money on healthcare, but since they never make as much as men do (men savings-63,875 and women savings- 43,446) poverty rates of women 65 and up is 11.6%, while men's is 6.8%. This rate can lead to foreclosure and financial trouble. Besides elderly women, the gap also affects single mothers. Nearly 2 million of U.S. single mother/child families are poor. Ethnicities . African American women- 69 cents for every dollar earned by white man. Latina-57 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. . Asian American woman- 90 cents for every dollar earned by a white man

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The wage gap in 4 occupations


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