the gardener

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the gardener

Instructions1. Listen to the Vocabulary Strategy as you read along on pages 282 & 283. Do the write part at the bottome of pg. 283. 2. Listen to the Cause and Effect on pages 280 & 281. Do 1 and 2 on page 281.3. Listen to the story as you read along in your book, and then read it on your own for understanding. 4. Play the video at the top of the story picture and answer the questions asked on the pages. (you will need to pause the page when a question pops up).5. Make a sentece with 10 of the spelling words and fill in the WORDY WOODS TREE. 6. Do the seatwork at the top of the Glog and post it to your Glog. (I want good reserch)7. Click on the level readers and read the book you were assigned. Your teacher will provide a worksheet for you.8. Post everything on your Glog. 9. As Alway, Do Your Best! And HAVE FUN!REMEMBER, ALL WORK MUST BE DONE ON PAPER FIRST AND THEN POSTED TO YOUR GLOG. TURN ALL PAPERS IN AT THE SAME TIME TOGETHER.


click me to see the Woody Word Tree



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