The Garden of Empress Cassia

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The Garden of Empress Cassia

The Garden of Empress Cassia By:Gabrielle Wang

The story starts with a girl called Mimi Lu and her magical pastels that she got from her art teacher Miss O'Dell. Mimi meets a boy called Josh and they become best friends. With Mimi's pastels she can draw anything and they can come to life. Mimi wants to draw the Garden of Empress Cassia, so she does. After a few days the garden goes away, but a girl called Gemma takes the pastels. She instead of drawing the Garden of Empress Cassia she draws the Garden of Darkness. What happened to Gemma happens to the people that have the pastels but don't deserve the pastels, something bad happens to them.


My Favourite Part

My favourite part is when Mimi is trying to save Gemma form the Garden of Darkness because Mimi was right about the pastels. I also like it because Gemma got proved by Mimi, a girl that was different.


The main characters are Mimi, Josh, Gemma, Miss O'Dell and Mrs Lu. Mimi is a girl that dosen't fit in untill her art teacher Miss O'Dell gives her a box of magic pastels and begins to draw with it. Josh is Mimi's best friend and her only one. Togther they find out more about Mimi's pastels. Gemma is the mean girl in this story, she tries to steal the pastels off Mimi and starts to draw with them but the pastels sends her into the Garden of Darkness. Mrs Lu is Mimi's mum and runs a dumpling shop which everybody goes to.

It takes part in a school because sometimes it is at Mimi's school. It is also at a town because they go out of there house.

I rate this book a 8/10 because it is a very magical book and you never know whats going to happen next because sometimes its happy and then the next its trying to save someone. The Garden of Empress Cassia is a great book I just wish it went on for longer.



Mrs Lu's Dumplings!

Gabrielle Wang is getting interviewed.


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