The Game of a Lifetime

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The Game of a Lifetime



CRRRAAACCKKKK! The sound of the wooden bat meeting the leather of the ball echoed throughout Citizens Bank Park. The sea of Phillies red erupted in cheers as Chase Utley ripped a double off the left-field fence. Utley scampered around the bases like he had a rocket strapped to his back. The day could not be more perfect. I bet you’re wondering how I was able to sitting in the stands experiencing Game 1 of the National League Divisional Series. It all began when…

RRIIIIPPPPPP!!! My family and I sat in the living room as I tore open what I thought was my last present from my 10th birthday. A sweater from my grandmom. Awesome. The torn paper from my presents lay at my feet like shiny wood shavings. The excitement of opening presents had started to fade…until my dad reached into his pocket and pulled out a plain, white envelope.

I recklessly opened the envelope, expecting it to be money or a check. Instead I found the best present that I could ever ask for: TICKETS TO GAME 1 OF THE 2009 NLDS GAME BETWEEN THE PHILLIES AND THE ROCKIES! It took me a few seconds to realize where I was going, but when I did, I started jumping and yelling, “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Three days later, my dad, my brother, and I piled into the car and began the hour long drive down to Citizen’s Bank Park. I’ll never forget pulling into the jam-packed parking lot and seeing that glorious stadium towering over my head like a Wonder of the World.When we finally got to our seats, the first pitch was just being thrown. Being so close to the field was surreal, almost dream-like. I felt like I could reach out and touch Jayson Werth in right field.

The first inning of the game was almost completely devoid of action. During the second inning, the Rockies catcher blasted a rocket into right field. He easily had a double, but he foolishly decided to try and stretch his hit into a triple. However, Jayson Werth gunned it to Pedro Feliz at third base, who tugged the base runner for the out.

In the fifth inning, the Rockies right fielder Brad Hawpe committed a disastrous error: he clumsily misjudged a bouncing grounder that caused the Phillies fans to bombard him with insults. The error provoked the obnoxious college guys right behind us to lay into the hapless Hawpe.

The sixth inning saw three runs from the Phillies’ star players: Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jayson Werth. Those runs helped the Phillies seal the win. The Phillies won the game, and I went home replaying the events of the greatest day a 10 year old kid could ever ask for. I’ll never forget those magical three hours of my life!


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