The Game By Teresa Toten

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The Game By Teresa Toten

The GameBy: Teresa Toten

The reading strategy that helped me while reading “The Game” was summarizing it. Summarizing parts of the story allowed me to organize my thoughts on what I read. Around the time that I started to plan out my essay, it helped a lot because it allowed me to find the supporting points easier than actually going through the book another time. Finding the thesis was also easier because I would go back into the summary notes to see which important points can be answers to the course questions. If I find the answers, I would then make a thesis along with finding other points that would support my thesis. Summarizing the book has improved my summary skills and the ability to condense what I have read.

The second reading strategy that helped me was putting sticky notes on important pages that were relevant to the overall theme of my book. Using the sticky notes also helped me when I was starting to write out the planner for the essay. Using the pages I marked, I would find significant points or quotes that supported my thesis statement. This has improved me as a reader because putting in stickies helped me figure out important points that I may need later on in the book.

"Like what kind of relief could you get from that kind of crap..I had to cut to survive...I make myself sick"-Toten, 172

"Kelly was the light, Kelly was good. I am bad. I deserved… I am the dark. He tried to beat it out of me...The quest, it was… to end the bad, the evil in me. And it still goes on and on and on.” -Toten, 132.

“The only thing I really understand is that you won and then you helped me win” -Toten, 172

"The Game" is about a girl who is put in an Isolation Institute and she wakes up with a feeling of physical and emotional truama but she can't remember why. The only thing she remembers is playing a game with her sister that vanquishes all evil. With the help of her new friends, will she be able to cope with the only memory she wants to forget? And will she be able to face and accept her families greatest flaw?






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