The Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands


Best Places to Eat- Miramar- known for their seafood and pasta dishes.- Angermyer- known for thier seafood and international dishes.- Hernan Cafe- known for their beautiful location and delicious food.

TheGalapagos Islands!

Stay at la Casa de Marita for some of the best deals.

Plenty of Giant Tortoise.

Their are plenty of great day tours to take of all the Galapagos Islands.

Come and see all the Sea Lions with me!

The beautiful Galapagos Islands!

Come and dive with the turtles.

Come see the Wolf volcanoe. It's the highest point of all the islands!

Go vist Charles Darwin's research stations.

Go scuba diving with the sea lions on one of the greatest cruises of the Galapagos, The Cachalote 1!

One of the many Galapagos Islands.


Go vist all of the great places that the Galapagos islands has to offer.

Jessie Schweninger's point of view.


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