The Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands

Abiotic factors*Volcanic rock*Fresh water*Salt water*Hot tempatures*Volcanoes

Islands13 large islands and six small islands. The average temperature is 80-90F, and the average water temperature is 70-80F.

El NinoEl Nino happens every 4 years. it is a very extreme change in climate that cause more precipitation. The water warms up and causes alage to die. Which is at the beging of the food web and causes many populations to decrease.

Human ImpactIllegal fishing targeting sea cucumbers and sharks are causing populations to drop. To many visitors come in and out. The population is constantly increasing causing more trash that they have to burn causing polution.

0.6667° S, 90.5500° W

Pacific Ocean

PredationAn example is when a giant tourtise eats moss off of the ground.

Limiting FactorOne limiting factor is that illegal fishing that decreases population of many sea creatures. Another one is the constant change in climate causing shock and for speicies to population to decrease.

MutualismBetween lava lizards and sea lions the lizards eat the flies of of the sea lion.

CommensalismBetween sally lightfoot crabs and iguanas eat algae and parasites, dead skin off the iguanas.


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