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So, How will technology affect American`s lives? Maybe it will, maybe it won`t. We don`t know now. But scientists are trying to figure it out. Technology is important in America and all over the world. Inventors and scientists are getting closer and closer to coming up with new, amazong ideas. Technology helps us travel, cure sicknesses, and much more.

How will future technology affect America?

Cars, Airplanes, Phones, and Gadgets.Cars and Airplanes are an important role in American's lives. They help us get to where we need to go, on time. In the future, car brands such as GMC, Honda, Toyota, and Audi, will get better and better. They will be faster and more modifed. Most people think they wil be safer, smaller, and better for the enviroment.Airplanes will also be faster and better. Some people even think there will be plane-cars, supposedly cars that can transform themselves in to mini planes. Phones, like iPhones, iPods, and Androids, will be more helpful and useful in the future. Siri might be able to do more for us. They could be thinner and smaller, and more eco-friendly. Gadgets will also be very useful in the future. Lots of people think kitchen gadgets will be the most useful. Maybe there will be a way to make junk food healthy, but taste just as good. Maybe you can email a recipe from your computer to your oven and it can cook it on your own. It will be quicker and might be able to change your mood.

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