The Future of Houses - Future Materials

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The Future of Houses - Future Materials

Sagar Patel

Naoto Hayashi

Andrea Roberts

Enri Prifti



As civilization and technology advances the materials that houses are made up of will advance accordingly, there will be many innovations that will be incorporated into housing in the future that we have never seen or heard of before which will not only be good for the environment but also a lot cheaper and easier to make.

An example of a building material that we may see in the future is a new creation of concrete that is environmentally friendly and will absorb greenhouse gases and emissions, this will be an amazing breakthrough for housing in the future because it will reduce pollution and it is said that the concrete will last over 16,000 years and will be a lot stronger and lighter which will intern require less material to make.

Another excellent innovation for housing materials is the use of Hemp Bio composite which is a block made up of hemp, lime and water. It can be used to insulate everything from walls to flooring and is waterproof and fireproof, (Steph, 2014). I can see this material being used inside buildings in the future because it is cheap to produce and also it is fire resistant which a huge bonus.

Another interesting material that we could possibly see in housing in the future is bendable Concrete, this material creates small cracks when bent and will seal by itself when exposed to water and carbon dioxide which can allow for houses to have different shapes and styles to be more visually appealing. (Steph, 2014).

A new material called “Self-healing Cement” is being developed and as the name suggests it heals by itself and can repair its own cracks. There are many houses which have cement driveways and if you look closely you can see many cracks that form because of the weather and the ground constantly shifting, but with this new cement you will never see a crack again because it will repair on its own. (Leontiou, 2011).

Eco-Friendly Concrete


Bendable Concrete

Self-Healing Cement


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