The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

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The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

Calculus and Its FUNdamental Theorem!!!

First: Find the anti-derivative of the function to find F(x)Second: Substitute both b and a into the anti-derivativeThird: Subtract the two quantities and calculate F(b)-F(a)You're done!

Any time you are asked to find the area under a curve and your are given an upper and lower bound. You should also use this when finding the distance travelled and the displacement and you are given the velocity of your object.

Procedure (Part 1)

When Do I Use It?

The Theorem (Part 1)


The Theorem (Part 2)

I'm Newton! I invented Calculus and tried to take all the credit for it!

I'm Leibniz!!! I invented Calculus too but I don't get any credit for it even though we will use my notation today!


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