The Frog Prince By Stevie Smith

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The Frog Prince By Stevie Smith

A Changer ChangeBy: Adetimilehin InioluwaA change we needA change I believe inA change starting with meA change starting with youA change capable of changing the old rules 5 That change will modifyOur messed up worldIf we believe in itAnd start actingOn the little we can afford 10 To impact in itThat change isOur real chance to grow, That change isOur quest to right all wrongs,15 That change isOur ability to stand unitedAnd face our problemsThat change is our opportunityTo prove critics wrong 20 That change is our legendaryFor unborn generationsThat change is usTogether we’ll better our worldTogether we can, 25 Yes we can!

The Frog PrinceBY: Stevie Smith I am a frog I live under a spellI live at the bottomof a green well.And here I must wait 5Until a maiden places meOn her royal pillow And kisses meIn her father’s palace.The story is familiar 10 Everybody knows it wellBut do other enchanted people feel as nervousAs I do? The stories do not tell,Ask if they will be happierWhen the changes come 15As already they are fairly happyin a frog’s doom?I have been a frog now For a hundred years And in all this time 20I have not shed many tears,I am happy, I like the life,Can swim for many a mile(When I have hopped to the river)And am for ever agile. 25And the quietness, Yes, I like to be quietI am habituatedTo a quiet life,But always when I think these thoughts 30As I sit in my wellAnother thought comes to me and says:It is part of the spellTo be happy To work up contentment 35To make much of being a frogTo fear disenchantment.Says, it will be heavenlyTo be set free,Cries, Heavenly the girl who disenchants 40And the royal times, heavenlyAnd I think it will be.Come then, royal girl and royal times.Come quickly,I can be happy until you come 45But I cannot be heavenly, Only disenchanted people Can be heavenly.

All At OnceThis song is related to the poem because it expresses that change can be scary, but it will be okay.

The picture of the frog prince represents the poem because it seems like the frog is waiting for something (the princess).

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The Frog PrinceBy Stevie Smith

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Stevie Smith BiographyFlorence Margaret Smith was born on September 20, 1902 in Hull England. She began as a secretary with the magazine publisher George Newnes and became the private secretary of Sir Nevill Pearson and Sir Frank Newnes. Smith began writing poetry in her twenties while working with George Newnes. Smith's first book was Novel on Yellow Paper. It was published in 1936 and was very effective on her life experience. Her most popular subject was death, her ''gentle friend''. Smith was inspired mostly by fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and theology. Smith was officially noticed with the Chomondeley Award for Poetry in 1966 and the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in 1969. Smith died in 1971 of a brain tumor.

ParaphraseThe enchanted frog is waiting to be kissed by a princess. The frog knows that this is a common story, but he is still nervous. The frog does not know if being disenchanted is better than being enchanted. He enjoyed his life so far, so he is nervous and worried that he might not like being disenchanted. The frog thinks about it, then he realizes that disenchantment will be better. He then waits for the maiden to hurry and come. SpeakerThe speaker is a frog. He is at first nervous and scared about being disenchanted, then he realizes that it will not be bad at all. 5 Literary DevicesPoint of View- The point of view is first person. It is effective because it gives a complete perspective.Personification- The whole poem focuses on him questioning his desire to become human again. Hyperbole- The frog says he can swim for "many a mile".Repetition- The repetition of heavenly can be noticed in the poem.Rhyme- Agile and mile, contentment and disenchantment rhyme. Tone The tone changes throughout the poem. The 3 tones are worried, nervous, and longing. TitleThe title is introducing the main idea of the poem. It does not have a specific meaning.ThemeThough a person can be satisfied in life, one should not fear death because there is a greater life after this one. I feel this is what Stevie Smith was trying to convey. Stevie Smith was Christian so she used the word heavenly and she wanted to convey a message through this poem.


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