The French Revolution

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The French Revolution

This was inspired by many of America’s documents. This document reflected Enlighten, proclaimed freedom equality, Freedom of speech and press. This declaration was also raised to an important issue. People came to question if whether or not women had equal rights as men did. Deputies thought so, but women who wrote plays and pamphlets did not agree to exclude women from their rights. Instead, she had written a Declaration of the rights of Women and the female citizen which basically talked about a women’s equality but the Assembly ignored her. Since the king refused to decline the Declaration of rights and the National Assembly’s decrees on the absolution of feudalism Many Parisian women began to fight on October 5 because of the lack of bread and how their children where starving. These women had forced Louis XVI to accept the new decrees. They had then demanded the royal family to leave to Paris on October 6 and brought loads of flour along the journey.

Louis XVI and the royal family had tried to flee france.They were unsuccessful I doing so, He was recognized by a guard and was taken back to Paris. Since France had a dial loyal monarchy the new legislative Assembly began to meet on October 1791 to discuss France’s relations with the rest of Europe.

The French Revolution

May 5, 1789

June 14, 1789

Augst 26, 1789

Septemeber 3, 1791

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The National Assembly had 745 representatives and had now competed a new constitution; it had formed a limited monarchy. The king had still ruled, however the legislative assembly would make the laws. Only educated members of society had been elected all male citizens had the right to vote, although men over 25 paid an amount in taxes could vote. During the time of 1791 the traditional order was destroyed. Soon after this, many lower class people began to hurt because of the increase in the cost of living and radicals who wanted a more drastic solution and disagreed with its new order.

Soon after, the king had switched it back to the traditional system. This had made the Third estate react and declare a meeting, daft a constitution, National Assembly, but they soon found out that the doors were locked. The deputies moved to a near Tennis court and vaued to continue meet until they had made a French constitution. The oath they had sworn on was known as the Tennis Court Oath.

The cause of France's costly wars, luxuries, and Marie Antoinette's pleasures led to Louis XVI scheduling a ,meeting with the Estate-General. He requested to raise new taxes. They have not met since 1614 and the French were a Parliment. The French society was divided into 3 estates. The first and the second each had about 3 delegates. In order to resolve these problems, the third estate wanted France to have constitutional government so that the tax exemptions of the clergy and nobility will be destroyed. The meeting took place in Versailles, at first it had trouble with voting because they did not like the idea that each estate had one vote which means that the First and Second Estates together could vote out the Third Estate two to one which was not fair. The third estate commanded to have each deputy from the estate have one vote. This demand helped because in the end with the help with some clerics and nobles which gave the third estate the majority.

King LouisXVI calls the Estates General

Tennis Court Oath

The National Assembly adopts the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen"

The Constitution of 1791 sets up a limited constitutional monarchy in France

The Legislative Assembly declares war on Austria

April 1792


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