The French Cajuns

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The French Cajuns

The French Cajun

The French Cajuns The French Cajuns is a distinct culture in the south and southwestern region of Lousiana .The French Cajuns migrated from France to Canda to Lousiana.Now the south and southwestern regiom of Lousiana has a large population of French Cajuns

A marching band comes and at first plays sad and sorrowful songs. The when the person is buried the band plays happier beat to help the loved ones get over the lose.The lose of the loved ones is very sad, but the French Cajuns beilive that sadness will not be any better for them . So they celebrate their life and happieness

Burial Rituals

Recpect for the DeadFrench Cajuns show very much respect for the dead if wife dreapes her self in black for a year and black with white for two more years. Husbands or males crepe arm bands. Children are often put in mournings.

BeliefsFrench Cajuns belief if not baptized you will not reach heaven.Their belief system is similar to the Roman Catholicism.

Funeral practices and Death ceromoniesThe normal ceromonies end with music and jazz, but at the church or grave sight it will be like an other funeral sad and depressing. When they play the jazz music people feel sad but think they shouldn't grieve they celebrate the persons life and what they did to help the world.


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