The French And Indian War

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The French And Indian War

~In 1754, the governer of Massachusets said that the French were "making themselves masters of this Continent"~The French had great power because of their allies.~In 1754, London decided to intervine in the conflict.~In the fall of 1754, General Edward Braddock became cheif of British forces in America.~Washington tried to warn Braddock of the dangers of the uniforms the troops wore, but Braddock didn't listen.~Braddock died on July 9th during a Native American and French ambush. The survivors went back to Virginia with George Washinton.~In 1756, Britain declared war on France.~The French and Native Americans started off the war well.~William Pitt takes charge and improves chances for the British to win the war.~In 1758, the British began to regain their fortresses. ~In 1759, the British had many victories.~Also in 1759, The British defeated the French on "The Plains of Abraham"~ In 1763, France was forced to give up Canada and land east of the Mississippi River to Britain because of the Treaty of Paris. They also had to give land west of the Mississippi River to Spain.~France no longer had power in North America.~The Native Americans have now lost an ally.~Pontiac, the cheif of Ottowa, started a war against the British in 1763, but lost in 1765 and was forced to sign a peace treaty.~The Proclomation of 1763 set the Appalacion Mountains as a boundries. Many landowners were mad.

The French and Indian War


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