[2014] Aaron Lopez (7th Grade): The freedman's bureau

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[2014] Aaron Lopez (7th Grade): The freedman's bureau

What did the Freedman's bureau do?

Congress made a bill and Lincoln signed it and made the freedmen's bureau. The bill helped african americans have a better life after the abolition of slaves.

*Government agency to help former slaves. *Food and clothing was distributed to former slaves.*It tried to find jobs for them.*Created a public school system in the south* Provided medical care for millions of people

People involved

* President Lincoln* U.S. General O. O. Howard* The congress* And of course the Freedmen's

Freedmen's Bureau

It was the first time that the Federal Government helped the Unemployed people. The bureau also helped whites adjust to the freedmen living by them and working with them. Since the bureau had money they created the first public school sytem to ever be in the south!

The Freedmen's Bureau



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