The Frahm Family Scale of Digital Comprehension

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The Frahm Family Scale of Digital Comprehension

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GrandpaBorn 4/29/1935Digital Immigrant from the age of Radio waves.

Paul was at retirement age when he got his first computer.

Computer's primary use:

Shane doesn't know a life without computers. Currenty age 5, he already owes multiple devices for learning & gaming.

Christian got his first computer in the year 2000 when he was 30 years old.

Marcie started working on computers right out of college in the late 1980's.

Age at first computer ownership:

DaddyBorn 6/22/1969Digital Immigrant from the Analog era.

MommyBorn 11/7/1967Digital Immigrant from the Analog era

SonBorn 2/25/2008Digital Native of the Computer age.

The Frahm Family Scale of Digital Comprehension

Paul uses his computer to check his bank balance, and receives occasional emails. He still doesn't know what "Google it" means.

Christian uses the computer for entertainment purposes almost exclusively when not in school. He doesn't use email or facebook, but does Google things to learn about them.

Marcie is on the computer for hours each day. She uses the internet to get her news. She uses craig's list for cheap services. She browses the internet to research travel plans, coupon offers and local listings of upcoming events. She emails and facebooks extensively.

Shane is only five years old, but he already plays video games, both for educational and entertainment purposes. By the time he reaches adulthood, his use of technology will most likely reach into every aspect of his life.

Primary Source of News:

Paul reads 10 newspapers every week. 7 days of the Denver Post & the weekend editions of the New York Times. All his news is, literally, yesterday's news.

Daddy settles down to the 10 O'clock news on channel 4. It's today's news, at the end of the day.

By the time Shane is interested in the news, it will undoubtably be linked to his source of communication, which time will tell what form it takes. For now, he learns reading and math at:

Mommy goes here for instantaneous news on her hand held smart phone:

Primary Source of communication:

Paul is experiencing increased difficulty with his cell phone. He uses snail mail to pay bills. He does not utilize text messaging or email.

Christian has a dumb phone. He can text, but finds it arduous and too slow on his "Beam me up, Scotty" flip phone.

By the time Shane is a teenager, technology will be doing things we can only dream of. Only time can tell what form of technology he will be using to communicate.

Marcie has a smart phone. She can take a picture and send it as an email instantaeously. She can google anything, anytime!


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